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There’s a lot to consider when providing the highest-quality essential oils to your customers. From reliable suppliers to efficient shipping, these many moving parts make it easy for one mistake to snowball into a logistical nightmare.

Avoid the mess and enjoy the confidence of knowing you have the best with a partner that’s been a global provider for decades.

Introducing our collection of refreshing fragrance mists. With an indulging aroma, each of them is carefully blended to invigorate your senses and nourish your skin. Our mists come in a variety of scents and are ideal for enhancing your fragrance on the go, throughout the day. Layer them with your favourite perfume and elevate your daily routine. With our fragrance mists, you’ll smell amazing and feel great all day long.

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PVC is used for an endless variety of everyday applications.

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We are best in Perfumery

Our raw materials derived from nature – delivered to us with love by the farmers and the distillers. And since we take a lot from them, we try to give it back. We give away one percent of our gross annual sale for the education of underprivileged kids – the children of farmers and the labor in distilleries. With every purchase you make at NEESH™, you support a cause that will change generations. And that’s why every NEESH™ perfume lasts for 100+ years